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Since 1972

Our Story

The Powerful Partner

TTO SERV'S story stretches back to 31 years and the inspiring work of our founders and employees.


​Our core mission and values have been consistent from the start:​ 

Our vison to be an exemplary corporate entity in the region, with a meaningful growth curve that encompasses consistent economic growth, expanding geographic presence and strategic diversification.​


Our steadfast belief in the power of innovation and our relentless drive for continuous improvement. From our genesis in 1971 to today, these are the principles that led us to the advancements and innovations of the past half century.


These principals continue to inspire us each day and guide us for the challenges of tomorrow. 


From our modest beginnings in 1971 as a ship cargo discharge survey establishment along with materials trading, and then expansion into Logistics and Chemicals, we have grown tremendously.


Our solid reputation for reliability in anticipating the needs of our clients and providing tailor-made services in the Middle Eastern markets and abroad have helped in delivering stunning customer experiences. For four and half decades, Saudi Arabia has been at the center of our operations, our largest market, and where we have deep local knowledge and roots.


TTO SERV is headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia offering premium shipping, logistics, trade and support services.


To partner with us on projects of mutual interest and for other queries, please contact us

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